Gift Cards

Our digital gift cards are user-oriented, secure and eco-friendly. Gift Givers can customize, avail of schedule-friendly options and Recipients can use the QR code in the email to redeem at the venue. It is that simple!

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Physical Gift Cards available in store.

Frequently Asked Questions

Gift givers do not have to register on our customer web app and can opt to purchase a digital gift card using the guest option. However, we recommend both purchaser and recipient to register inorder to keep track of purchase/redemption history, check gift card balances and avail of our many other offers and promotions.

The purchaser will receive an email receipt as confirmation of payment. The recipient will receive the gift card via email. 

Unfortunately, Digital Gift Cards are final sale and cannot be clawed back if sent to the wrong email address. If purchaser attempts to send gift card to an email address that does not exist, the email will bounce back and the payment for the gift card will not process.

Phone numbers cannot be used for the delivery of gift cards.

Terms & Conditions

The digital Gift Card is redeemable at Hakka Ren located at 4555 Hurontario Street, Mississauga and cannot be used to pay for online orders through third-party apps.

It can only be used towards payment of food and beverages at Hakka Ren. HST and gratuity not included.

This card cannot be redeemed or refunded for cash, is not transferable and cannot be used in conjunction with any other coupon, discount, promotional offer or towards the purchase of another gift card.

The value of this card is in Canadian dollars. Gift Cards do not expire. Hakka Ren is not responsible for any loss or unauthorized use of this card. Acceptance of this card constitutes acceptance of the terms and conditions outlined herewith.

Our Cuisine

Our chef with his many years of experience personally prepares the sauces from scratch using the finest of ingredients, braising and building the layers of rich, subtle flavours to perfection. Our cuisine has a range of standard sauces and savoury bases that add flavour accents to your meal selections.

Honey Garlic Sauce

A sauce made with fresh ginger, fresh garlic, honey and a dash of soy. A delightful sauce that is quite popular amongst diners.

Hot Garlic Sauce

A spicier sauce and much more flavorful than other sauces. Rich flavours of roasted garlic, pan-seared red chillies and braising techniques are what makes this sauce super-delicious.

House Special Sauce

Our in-house special blend that hits all the high notes of sweet, spicy and tangy giving you a burst of flavours that is oh so savoury!

Manchurian Sauce

A delicious soy based sauce simmered to perfection with a perfect balance of ginger, garlic, onions and generous amounts of cilantro.

Szechuan Sauce

The fiery Chinese sauce! Consequently, it is the spiciest of Chinese sauces and very tasty. Szechuan has a stronger flavour, is hot, spicy and laced with red chillies.

Yunan/Hunan Sauce

A light sweet sauce with a hint of spice and tamarind flavour. It is a delicate balance of ingredients that makes this sauce pleasant and delectable.

When planning a Chinese meal, the secret of success lies in choosing dishes that complement each other yet provide contrast in texture, flavour, colour and variety.

Hakka Ren management and staff therefore hope you enjoy a lovely meal of Chinese food!